So it begins

All I ever wanted to do was everything!

All my life there were too many avenues to explore, and now I have found one that allows me to wander down all of them. Here is born my unqualified opinion. My thoughts, and unqualified opinion on various subject matter. As Ender’s brother Peter began with ideas to influence the world, with ideas that took root in minds and grow furiously
as they are tendered. Seed banks build up over time waiting for the right conditions to sprout and make a break for the sun!

My style may ramble but who is to judge? These are my thoughts and you are most welcome to examine them, take them apart see how they work and contribute to my wild and wonderful mental garden!

I am fascinated by just about everything! Trained as a marine biologist/earth system scientist I am only passionately curious. The internet is my jungle gym.

Unqualified opinion is my take on expressing my “opinion” with no obvious “qualification” into what I am discussing, it also has another meaning in financial auditing which relates to a clean audit, where the financials of the company are not suspected of being irregular.

I quite like it. I fall somewhere between the two.


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