That awkward moment

When the two best hopes of running your country both act like children. You sit at work and die of shame as the world views your once beacon of hope as the potential next spring event.

Niether party have my vote.

When South Africa has a history of settling violent conflict with dramtic peace you only shame a dead man’s legacy when you openly provok violence in others. It is too easy to rile up a bully, it is far harder beat that bully with grace and offer them forgiveness for their sins. Create solutions, don’t shout and scream at each other from your soap boxes and resort to publicity stunts.

If you are a leader, observe the great leaders learn from them and then struggle your damdest to emulate them. Be smart, be cunning and show the masses a better way to live. If you have solutions to problems and you have governance of a province, then turn it into a flourashing metropolis, where everyone wants to live. Then let them in! Offer hope to everyone. Don’t moan about your neighbours, invite them in and show them your ideas so that they may learn if they choose to.

Make your motto: ‘A better way!’ Wake up everyday and live it! Lose with humility win with grace. The DA has constantly been acused of being exclusive and yet it has never tried inclusivity!

The ANC has proven itself brutal and corrupt. It’s leaders will not face the court and it stands with the African Union when it decides war crimes aren’t crimes if you are a president of country.

I would have loved to have been old enough to vote in 1994, I would have happily cast my small voice behind the leadership of Mandela and his gracious ANC.

South Africa desperately needs a new voice. I do hope I hear a throat clear soon.



  1. Hear hear. I know I am your father but I fully agree with you nevertheless. It was an embarrassing stupid thing to do clearly Ms Zille has lost the plot (what with Agang Gate ‘n all) and with it my vote. Problem is who does one vote for in this sad beautiful fertile land.


  2. It is a sad truth, and I think we all feel the conflict with the up coming election… I disagree with one idea, your advice to the future leaders of this country: ” \Don’t moan about your neighbours, invite them in and show them your ideas so that they may learn if they choose to.” I don’t see Zuma going over to Zille’s house for a cup of tea, and more importantly, I don’t see him taking any advice from her… The same can be said for Zille going over to Zuma’s…
    I think the DA is looking at their target market, the majority vote… and they aren’t winning those votes by resorting to clean politics as they have done for years in the past. I believe that Zille needs to make a scene, show that she too can make a noise and gather a following, and soon more sheep will follow (perhaps to the slaughter)
    While the DA still stands for truth and a zero tolerance for corruption (in my view) if they don’t kick up a fuss, they won’t get the votes… And I think their leadership can take this country back to the glory that followed the 1994 elections.
    That’s my unqualified opinion


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