Living in fear is not living.

In an age where it is impossible to know everything and where petabytes of new information are generated daily how can we claim to know better or more than anyone else? Surely all we can aim to do is treat everyone with respect and not judge them for the choices that are theirs to make. I make this observation on the dawn of yet another ill conceived piece of legislation being signed into law.

(A proviso: Individuals should not be criticized, governments should be. Governments should be held up to bright lights in order to search for stains and then either washed and cleaned or replaced. Individuals make mistakes but if you are truly representative a sane voice should be heard and listened to)

I’m looking at you Uganda, though you are not alone in this Russia, China, America, South Africa. Hell all national governing bodies are somehow complicit I’m near certain.

  • Have we not learnt yet how to write laws that uplift people instead of oppress them?
  • How will this make anyone’s life better?
  • How will this help the poor?
  • Will this increase access to information?

If you are not commissioning laws to help people, you are a failed government. If you are just adding red tape to obscure access to information you are pathetic.

If you are not using best judgement and best thinking combined with international research and a deep seated belief to do no harm or at least minimize it where you can, why are you in power?

Nothing makes me more angry than being let down by people sworn to help everyone achieve a better life. People that are paid huge sums of money to help the poor, to provide basic services, protect human rights.

More love in the world is not a bad thing, if politicians could love their countries as much as they love their perks we’d live in a very different world.

Gay people are not the problem. Information is not the problem. God is not the problem.

Fear is; and if you are living in fear, governing by fear, how do you justify calling it living?

Live more, fear less. Peace and love for everyone!


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