SA bewildered and confused under JZ’s “leadership”

So let me get this straight. SA is for gay rights but will support other contries when they unilaterally remove the most fundamental human right? The right to love the soul you fall in love with, regardless of gender. Just another example of the “President for life” club in Africa stepping up their game to lead ethically and without fear. #sarcasm

Another lovely example being the: “It doesn’t matter if you committed war crimes to get into power, once president you are untouchable” bullshit. It’s no wonder these rulers (because they are not leaders) believe themselves above the law when they keep taking lessons from each other in shitty governance.

Africa has the potential to be truly great, I believe that to my core. I’ve seen the genius and ingenuity of its people making strides despite their current administration. It has to start with accountability and transparency.

Mr President I beg you to step aside and take your corrupt comrades with you. I know there are smart and worthy people in the ANC, people you have steam rolled and sidelined because they spoke truth to your madness. You have proven that power corrupts, you are its poster boy. Please look into your heart, face this runaway gravy train. Think about your legacy, we are all of us mortal we do not endure forever, history will judge you. Future generations will shake their collective heads when they are taught about our young democracy and your stewardship.

I beg you, please, let sanity prevail!

Inspiring random acts of… well, randomness, since 1986


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