Lets sacrifice everything for the ailing economy instead of building a new and better way of living

Lets sacrifice everything for the ailing economy instead of building a new and better way of living

That seems to be the message being delivered here. I just don’t think big business gets that we cannot breathe polluted air with no health implications. We cannot live in a world that is 5 degrees hotter. Money will not spend us out of this challenge alone. In this article Australia says to us why should South Africa be a pioneer in climate change.

Surely developing a better cleaner world is a good enough reason?

Surely the current status quo has been shown to be of ever decreasing value? We continue to allow massive industries to place more strain on the environment, the environment that is trying to support all of us. The technical term, according to Gernot Wagner and his book: Will the Planet Notice?, is externalizing an internality. This is where a cost is shared by everyone, but not everyone receives the benefit for bearing the load. It is what heavy emitters are asking us to do so that they can pursue record profits.  

You have to ask yourself though, is it fair, fair that you have to pick up extra slack so that they can live in ever more wealth? Carbon tax is asking them to pay their fair share, it’s asking everyone to contribute to the solution. It’s asking you to be cognizant of your carbon foot print and move away from carbon intensive behavior. 

Why shouldn’t South Africa take the lead? We managed the first heart transplant for pity sake! What about when we showed the world the meaning of the word tolerance? Were those our only high points? Can we sit back and relax, do we not challenge ourselves anymore? 

Challenges should be met because they are hard, because rising up to them brings out the best in us. Polishes and purifies us.

I do not want to sit back and repeal efforts at making a better world for everyone because, in the short term, it is easy and better for an economy that is based on the betterment of the few and not the many. I am so tired of wasted opportunity, of inaction and pleading ignorance. What happened to the spirit Ubuntu? What happened to all of us reaching the end hand in hand, having carried our fair share and contributed to the solution? Has capitalism slain it? 

I’m so tired of not being able to hold my head up high. 

We are going to run out of usable water, we are going to run out of usable farm land, we are going to run out of usable biodiversity, we are running out of time.


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