Watch “Let’s talk about death: Stephen Cave at TEDxBrati…” on YouTube

Start living for livings sake! Write your own story. This was a great philosophy lesson! I hope you will find it valuable as well.

Let’s talk about death: Stephen Cave at TEDxBrati…:

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Save the oceans, feed the world

Came across this great TED talk that I want to share with everyone. It’s ultimately about how doing the right thing, is the right thing to do. I think it is fantastic, I don’t think it is the full answer but I do believe it is part of it.

Give it a watch I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section.

I’d like to see more being done with aquaculture greater integration and food web management. Greater nutrient recycling. Cleaner effluent if that makes sense.

Look for more coming soon! I have been a bit slack, but it is largely due to a lack of internet not a lack of interesting items!

SA Elections: Lessons some have not yet learnt.

I’m deeply saddened by my fellow largely white South Africans who are publicly calling those people that did not vote the same way as them stupid or moronic. I find it deeply disturbing that one individual dares to criticize the democratic right of another to cast their vote in favor of whom so ever they deem worthy of their vote.

It smacks of a belief that they know better, that they are better.

That they and their fellow voters are more worthy by some as yet undefined value. These are likely the same people that have never taken the time to consider another persons point of view. That having emerged out a horrible system that truly believed that one man was better than another based on skin colour and an accident of birth. It appears that they, for I will not associate myself with their intolerance, are ready to dive in to the discrimination pool yet again.

This time however, the metric might be education or economic standing.

I imagine that the thought process is a little like this: “Those silly poor (or other demeaning term) people, we should rule them so they don’t hurt themselves. I don’t want them near me…It is in our mutual best interest that we develop separately”. See where I’m going with this?

I cannot emphasis my horror enough. We who should know better, who should have learnt 19.9 years ago that it is not about us and them it is just us! We, all South Africans need to pull together not against each other to steer us to a better future.

You know what, I can’t tell you what that future looks like. I can tell you my vision and if you like it please feel free to participate in making it a reality, let me listen to what you want to achieve.

If you disagree, let us talk about it. Let us discuss our differences of opinion, let us acknowledge that our priorities may not be the same. Let us compromise in how best to divide our efforts, so that we can both meet as much of our goal as possible without impacting on each other vision.

My dear fellow South African’s we have learnt all we can from hate and fear and distrust. We are better than our bickering.

Let us build this as yet mythical rainbow nation together instead of wasting our energies throwing insults and growing distrut in our hearts.

Can you not see that when we all walk together hand in hand if we ever reach the Utopian “finishing line” we do so at the same time.

There need be no losers.