Catchy title no content

The internet is full of this rubbish: the 4 Cs of Genius, 3 steps to freedom, amazing diet tips… I just find it amazingly patronizing that such lies are told on the very vehicle that was meant to deliver real information to anyone how dared ask the questions.

The internet is an amazing place but it is slowly being turned into mere a billboard. Access to useful information is constantly combined with fraudulent claims and advertising masquerading as truth.

My point in all of this being that even though there is so much information out there. Their is still a reason for prior training in a specialsit areas. Where I believe this should be being eroded. Barriers are still being placed in front of access to information.

I believe the primary training one should recieve should start at school and must be fair focused on critical thinking. Currently the youth are spoon fed carefully constructed information that can only lead them in one direction. The shock then comes at university level, late university level or the early in the work environment. In some cases never, some people are never free to think and explore for themselves.

It is no secret that I believe we need big reformes in education. We need debates in class, we need questions to be asked after oral presentations. We need a vehicle of education sans marks where recognition gained on the basis of participation and analytical reasoning. Comprehension.

How do we make a better world? We teach ethics in school, we teach scary topics, we tell children that adults don’t have all the answers. We let them help and we let them start making up their own minds. Lecture based on evidence not experience.

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