The New Environmentalism Will Lead Us to Disaster

Really a thought provoking article had to share it. I don’t believe running head long into geoengineering is safe in the slightest. We’ll most likely just create a system we understand even less than the current regime.

Have these new ecopragmatics never heard of the precautionary principle?

Scientific American Reader: The New Environmentalism Will Lead Us to Disaster.

Your thoughts.


New age thinking: Hybrid thinking

I said I’d be posting more TED talks and this one is a look into a potential future where brains and computers are not seperated by any distance of space and indeed computers begin to inhabit us and enrich our thoughts and culture. Better living through technology i believe is the apt expression.

I found this fascinating. I am constantly looking to future tech for ways to avoid death basically. I think we live in a really exciting time but I can only imagine what the future potentially has in store for us space travel being one tiny example. But I want to get down to the bottom of the ocean safely! I want to explore and enrich my understanding of this amazing planet.

There is so much more to know and being able to plug into the cloud as this TED talk proposes seems utterly exhilarating.

Have a look below