religious intollerance

How can you love a god that takes pleasure in and demands the death of your fellow humans, and if you do love this god do you honestly expect to be treated any better when you die and go off to their nirvana?

How can your god, who often is portrayed as the one true god be used in any argument against your fellow man. Against their believe system. Can you not be content in knowing that when you die you will be vindicated? Can you not stem your animosity for one life time to gain your eternity?

I can almost guarantee I do not believe as you do, as anyone else on the planet does. No man has exactly the same idea as another, all concepts contain grey areas and misunderstandings.

We are all of us tiny pinpricks of existence, of life. Life that is spread so thin that in our entire history of searching we have failed to find any outside of our world. Can we not treasure what we are? Can we not respect other life?

Do we have to define ourselves as better and apart? I want to be a team player and integrate and form part of this world

I want to see us strive not to be different and above, but equal too and understanding of where we live, of what we are. Life. We (all life on earth) are so rare we really need to take better care of ourselves.


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