Patriotism is dumb, here’s why:

All humans are borne on the same planet, there have been no space pregnancies, we have yet to colonise other worlds we all come from the same place.The scales have shifted but our world view has not. We now realise we live in an infinite Universe, and yet we believe the tiny often arbitrarily defined man made borders still mean something. My greatest hope with the current pause for breathe before we leap into space exploration for profit is that we realise that the minerals out there are many and far more vast than those found on this small rock. And because of that the need for these lines drawn on maps diminishes. I share the same air and the same water with everyone else on Earth. We share it with countless generations before us.

Who is to say I can’t go and visit the awesome natural wonders of the world because I was born at x and not y.

Why do animals get to move more freely than their (self-nominated) curators? It’s a prison system we’ve trapped ourselves in. Behind the bars of regulation and money.

Why must one man speak for me? Why can I not speak for myself? Governments exist in an attempt to regulate ourselves. I’ve met the everyday man, the lazier specimens of our race (of which there is only one ie human, though we come in many shades) and agree that there really should be a set of common rules.

Rules that are not based on where I can and cannot go. Instead rules based on doing less harm! I’m for anarchism because I believe I can govern myself. If I can govern myself why can I not be a global citizen? Why should I have to pay to cross a line, for a stamp, for a piece of paper? Why does one organisation need to keep track of me so badly?

How can you be proud of one patch of Earth and not another when it is all connected? We need to put the work in everywhere not just at home. A trick of birth should not be able to determine your fate.

We need to share our thoughts, stop killing each other over ideas and talk about them.

These are old concepts that were created for a finite world view. We now need a Universal view. We need to take care of each other, and we need to stop pretending that we are not part of the same family from the same planet in an ever expanding Universe.

We need to expand our thought processes to be inclusionary instead of exclusionary.


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