Great read: A Life On Pause | Financial Diffraction

Great read! Feeling like I’m part of a lost generation. Raised on hopes and dreams and upon waking the colours sift.

At the same time feeling like I have so little to complain about compared to past struggles and yet there are so many struggles still!

Are first world problems still problems?


Famous crime is serious crime

A really terrible story today about a horrible violent life ending crime, made all the more shocking for the media’s utter lack of respect or restraint for the grieving family and friends. Describing how his family and friends had swollen eyes and who was coming round to commiserate. Wild and unfounded speculation.

The real story is crime in SA, and how it only makes the news if you are famous. Only then is it a terrible loss, only then will politicians speak up. No one is helping. Why does this crime get a special task team? Why doesn’t every murder, every violent event, every ounce of corruption not “strike at the moral fiber” of South Africa?

South Africa is still deeply divided and we need to work on our social cohesion and mutual respect.

Clearly now though, we have to add a class structure to the walls that keep us apart, rich people and famous people get a lot more attention that the poor is SA.

I’m appalled. We all should be more appalled. Social media turned Senzo Meyiwa’s untimely passing into a circus, and he and his family didn’t deserve that. The same can be said for Reeva Steenkamp’s tragic passing.

Sadly there are so many tragic stories in my beloved homeland.

But then again if you are not already famous you are not important. News is no longer about reporting on a story it is about creating a story and stretching it out for advertising revenue. I’m saddened and sickened by the entire event.

Life is cheap in SA, and it is for sale in the tabloids.

Your journey to happiness

Are all your happy days behind you, do you find yourself looking back and wishing for those old good times?

Are you merely existing?

If you do not believe the best days of your life are yet to come, you need to start asking yourself what you are doing with your life.

When you have asked yourself that question, you need to make a change. If you are not on the path that you believes leads to happiness, or if you are walking on someone else’s path supporting them on their journey there is something seriously wrong. We can argue about the meaning of happiness, but i believe it is unique to you, only you know what makes you happy.

If you are not heading for a better place you need to get off the road. You need to walk the meadows and forests, climb the mountains that your path skirts around. Lie down, stop. Listen, look around. are you missing the tiny things all around you that you could derive joy from? Are you missing the amazing scenic vistas as you stare at directions written for and by someone else?

If money is a problem, consider it an obstacle to be over come, examine the problem and then make a plan.

You are the only person to blame if your life is any less than what you dream it could be.