Your journey to happiness

Are all your happy days behind you, do you find yourself looking back and wishing for those old good times?

Are you merely existing?

If you do not believe the best days of your life are yet to come, you need to start asking yourself what you are doing with your life.

When you have asked yourself that question, you need to make a change. If you are not on the path that you believes leads to happiness, or if you are walking on someone else’s path supporting them on their journey there is something seriously wrong. We can argue about the meaning of happiness, but i believe it is unique to you, only you know what makes you happy.

If you are not heading for a better place you need to get off the road. You need to walk the meadows and forests, climb the mountains that your path skirts around. Lie down, stop. Listen, look around. are you missing the tiny things all around you that you could derive joy from? Are you missing the amazing scenic vistas as you stare at directions written for and by someone else?

If money is a problem, consider it an obstacle to be over come, examine the problem and then make a plan.

You are the only person to blame if your life is any less than what you dream it could be.


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