Microsoft phishing filter needs a little work

Seriously this email from: gets through to my inbox. Claiming to be from Microsoft. Four fonts and numerous sketchy keywords later.



US and China strike a carbon emissions deal!

Finally these two immense nations have laid out some joint groundwork toward reducing their carbon emissions.

Here is hoping this is the start of many more commitments and the beginning of many more nations getting there act together! It is a global problem that we must tackle together. Those who moved first will be remembered as the nations with foresight, that built the foundations of the green economy and prospered because their roots were well tested and strengthened.

Links below:


The future of health care: Personal monitoring.

Personal bloods lab

Personal multi-spectrum blood analyzers

This is a fantastic invention that I think will allow us to track and improve our health like never before. All this data then fed into the cloud along with what we eat, where we live (the air we breath) our activity levels. This is going to lead to some amazing breakthroughs check out the full FastCo article here:

We are going to be able to pick up cholesterol levels increasing before the become a problem, blood markers for parkisons, cancer, etc. This will change the world. Imagine this in remote 3rd world villages, no need for doctors to be on the ground to take the samples, not need to transport the samples via refrigerated trucks. Drones bring in the necessary medicine, the entire process is streamlines and efficient. You can then monitor the patients recovery and adjust treatment as necessary remotely! Hell you can program IBM’s Watson to monitor the results and flag irregularities for investigation.

This will lead to more people living healthier, happier and longer lives.


Another source of news on this device from Wired –

Solar bike paths! This makes me so happy!

Solar bike path

Imagine what a solar road could do in a place with more sunshine! Great idea, we waste so much surface area with unifunctional tar, we need to start integrating functions better, this is a great start. windows as solar panels are another great breakthrough. These stories give me hope.

Have a look at the link below:

The business case for climate change planning and action

According tot the Carbon Disclosure Project companies that take into account climate change and actively encourage emissions reduction have higher returns on Equity… read the full article here:

Me thinks it could be a good metric of active stewardship and awareness of the current business environment at large while those with their heads still in the ground on climate action suffer due to the blinkers they operate within. #justsaying