The future of health care: Personal monitoring.

Personal bloods lab

Personal multi-spectrum blood analyzers

This is a fantastic invention that I think will allow us to track and improve our health like never before. All this data then fed into the cloud along with what we eat, where we live (the air we breath) our activity levels. This is going to lead to some amazing breakthroughs check out the full FastCo article here:

We are going to be able to pick up cholesterol levels increasing before the become a problem, blood markers for parkisons, cancer, etc. This will change the world. Imagine this in remote 3rd world villages, no need for doctors to be on the ground to take the samples, not need to transport the samples via refrigerated trucks. Drones bring in the necessary medicine, the entire process is streamlines and efficient. You can then monitor the patients recovery and adjust treatment as necessary remotely! Hell you can program IBM’s Watson to monitor the results and flag irregularities for investigation.

This will lead to more people living healthier, happier and longer lives.


Another source of news on this device from Wired –


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