Environmental and Sustainability Management Consultants

An effort to re-frame the challenge/business as usual/set the tone – All of it!.

I want to work with companies that only spend money on environmental and sustainability (E&S) studies to stay in line with government legislation. I want to work with companies that invest in E&S for long term business rewards. I want my clients to be those companies and individuals that believe in creating a better world.

My clients will in the same way that they provide world class solutions for their clients be those that understand and have internalized that an ailing planet is not only bad for themselves and their employees health it’s bad for their continued business. Their corporate sustainability responsibility is focused on achieving not only quality results but results that create a platform on which to build a legacy of great E&S management.

This won’t be about just minimizing environmental impacts; this is about enhancing E&S systems, making a contribution, putting back more than was taken. Real investment, that supports long term positive growth.

The new world case study is no longer about how much business as usual we can get away with compared against the cost of environmental compliance give x-wiggle room for profit.

The new model I want to create is: how can I better position myself, my business, to compete effectively in the business of the future? Businesses that enhance the place that they came from rather than harvest and move on.

Shareholders are increasingly hesitant to invest in businesses that erode the environmental support systems that support them (it really is bad business). Short term gains are increasingly weighed against longer term responsibility and ethical investment behavior. I maintain that it is not investment if it causes harm.

The questions I wish to contribute towards solving are those of: can we economise our processes and use the best available technology to create a zero waste business model? Can our business reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, can we run off renewable energy? Which territory is most likely to support these ambitions? Can we get developing nations on board and help them develop more cheaply, faster and with less pollution than the current developed nations?

I want to work with companies and individuals that want to contribute to the collective good. These are the challenges I am hungry to pour myself into. To come up with the new way of doing business, a model that recognizes that for the moment we are still a closed system (this may change with space exploration) and that we all rely on our collective environment. Impacts cannot continue to be externalized for everyone else to absorb, ethical responsible business must be the trademark to aspire to and I want to be involved defining the case studies.

If you know any one that wants to produce the same, or be involved in this type of work please contact me! I’d love to share ideas or form networks and partnerships. This is what I want to do with my life!

I’m going to go ahead and stick my linkedin profile URL here: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/brett-reimers-cand-sci-nat/31/3a4/442/


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