Is Miss World helping?

In this day and age we still need to see women in there swimwear to find them worthy of achievement. They aren’t allowed to enter these competitions unless they subscribe to the organisers opinion on what they should do with their bodies. No tattoos, no “weird” piercings.

So sad.

If for one second you don’t believe we live in male dominated society where women are subject to historical and cultural perceptions of beauty here is a glaring counter-argument.

“Beauty with a purpose” Are you saying this is the primary attribute this woman has? In ten years will she be less than what she is now, for her beauty will have faded (according to the age is bad belief)?

“But Brett shouldn’t you be proud, Miss World is from South Africa!”

Wow really, she was born in closer proximity to me than other people born in other countries. One person from every country can enter? That doesn’t seem fair.

Grrr, this just annoys me, yes women should be allowed to take part in whatever they want and if they subscribe to conservative views on beauty and if that is important to them then great they found a competition to take part in.

I’m just so weary of “competitions” which require you to fit within parameters of beauty, one of the most subjective topics imaginable, that I don’t see this competition helping all women reach an equal footing in society, unless it is held up as a warning.

What are you saying about women with Tattoos? What are you saying about mothers? What are you saying about age?

You may not be trying to say anything, but that silence has been so detrimental in the past. If our argument for the prestige of these events is the same as the argument for war and geopolitics and development i.e.: “that’s they way it has always been done.”

We need to stop and taker a closer look where our priorities are placed and what that means about the kind of people we want to be and the kind of society we want our daughters and sons to grow up in.

As always up for debate, your thoughts?


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