Ive made a new covenant with myself. The worst thing you can do is worry about what is not getting done instead of what you can do. The worst that happens is try try again the next day.

The least happy people i see are those worrying about what is beyond their ability to control. You can’t make people like you, you only offer them the opportunity to take an interest in you from them on its their choice. From then on it’s really up to you to stay liking them and them to like you. Try desperately not to compromise who you are for a them.

I believe what often sparks interest is a glimps of the raw you. To dilute that down is to diminish your draw factor. You can be too wild for some people… but that is really their problem. You can be to quiet for others but this reflects on their ability to listen, not your ability to communicate.

Seek out those adventurers in life that are desperately seeking the same loot and plunder as you. If you seek quiet security, or natural wonder or even wild parties you will find comrades who believe in the same ideals. Not everyone wants the same as everyone else all the time. Be flexible, trust, listen and explore! Only tiny people seek to inflict harm on others. We all just trying to find our way.

Seek to do no harm but when you do apologise. Try and explain. Forgive when you are hurt explain why you were hurt.

I don’t guarantee anyone is listening, but maybe they are.

You are responsible for you, your thoughts and actions. You are limited in these areas only by your creativity. Only by your field of experience so constantly seek to expand these.

Be smart, do your research, be reckless and seek truth and happiness. Dance, sing, sulk and brood. But try all things.


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