Great motivational stuff for entrepreneurs!

Not bad from a comedy image sharing site
Have a look at these great start-up infographics!


Why do we exist, what is wrong with schools and business – Ricardo Semler

If you watch one TED talk ever it must be this one. Other than being an out right genius and a fantastic business success, this man gets life like no one else I’ve ever witnessed. Why wait until you are dying to do all the things you ever wanted to do? Why not start doing them now. Why are we married to our companies?

Truly inspiring and thought provoking. This is a wonderful start to the answer of how do we spend our lives.
Don’t start creating obstacles,just start thinking how we can live better, work better and be better, then implement from there.

Me Advert

I know I haven’t posted in a while thought I’d take the brief time I have to try and get into a situation where I have more time to do the things I love. So with that in mind this is me on linkedin:

Please feel free to contact me in whatever way if you feel, if there may be an opportunity to collaborate or work on some new sustainable R&D, brainstorm or just shoot the proverbial breeze.

I’m fairly well acquainted with aquatic ecosystems and wetlands. Studied up on Marine systems and the rocky coasts.

I’m passionate about getting into environmental engineering and creating the solutions we think we need in the developing world that will allow it to diversify away from fossil fuels and into a cleaner more bio-diverse space (that’s the dream anyway). Solving social ills along the way if I may be so bold.

I have a few ideas around wetlands and water purification, removing life support systems, like waste water treatment, from the grid. love the Gates Foundation work in highlighting the need to clean water and provide energy with the great press the omniprocessor has been getting.

I’m also on twitter @Raggie86

Lets get together and start innovating and solving for real world solutions! Lets just start talking and see where it goes.