How google’s self-driving cars see the world.

Amazing talk on how this technology is coming along. About what you can teach machines when you have access to huge amounts of data, number crunching and money!


Good vs Selfish

This something I’ve been wanting to see for a long time now. I just didn’t know it. I’ve yearned for leadership for what feels like 1999 when the icon of our nation stepped down.

I want to live in a good country and I want to hold my government accountable for the evil and the bile that they produce. I want to live in a country that has a firm moral and peaceful standing internationally. A country that is renown for it’s wisdom and willingness to act in the interest of the greatest good.

I’m not displeased with South Africa’s ranking of 44th overall. I want to see it climb! Kenya is at 26 yet lacks our resources. could we team up with them, allow each other to grow and prosper faster still? It is not uncommon to hear that South Africa views it’s self as being apart from Africa. How do we change this? How do we sit down with our brothers and sisters and say what can we do for each other? How do we see Africa growing? Where do we need help? Who can help us. First we need a group goal.

The African Union is a nice start, but we have some of the largest development gaps on our continent. The haves and the have nots need to reach out and pull themselves together. So that living conditions improve. South Africa has amazing engineers, some great scientists.

I want to see the African Union of Applied Thinking. I want to see advances in technology being shared because they were developed to combat similar conditions that we share with our neighbours. Only if we join hands and move in the same direction will we achieve anything. We need a unifying goal. Poverty alleviation could be that goal. Food security threatens us all.

Let us engage with Zimbabwe and ask her people what she is doing with her fertile soils? How can we help, even though we may not agree on every point we cannot sit by and watch you starve in silence. Your food could feed us too. Can we first agree on something and then work towards the rest.

I am ashamed at how quickly and easily we have turned our back on those that sheltered us and fed us in our time of need. those that fought and died for us.

We have more so we must offer first. For the good of us all.