20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

This is a wonderful article. Sometime we get so caught up in keeping up with the Jones’ that we forget all that we really have and all that we have been through. We are never the finished product unless we are dead, and there is some debate about that. There is time enough to grow and experience and enjoy those little things that are really the big things. Try to keep what is important in focus and let the rest sort itself out.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 2.12.58 PMJocelyn Durston

  1. Youpaid the bills this month, and maybe even had extra to spend on non-necessities. It doesn’t matter how much you belabored the checks as they went out, the point is thatthey did, and you figured it out regardless.
  2. You question yourself. You doubt your life. You feel miserable some days. This means you’re still open to growth. This means you can be objective and self-aware. The best people go home at the end of the day and think: “or… maybe there’s another way.”
  3. You have a job. Forhowever many hours, at whatever rate, you are earning money that helps you eat something, sleep on something, wear something every day.It’s not failure if it doesn’t look the way you thought it would – you’re valuing your independence and taking responsibility for yourself.
  4. You have time to dosomething you enjoy. Even if “what you enjoy” is sitting on the couch…

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Me Advert

I know I haven’t posted in a while thought I’d take the brief time I have to try and get into a situation where I have more time to do the things I love. So with that in mind this is me on linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/public-profile-settings?trk=prof-edit-edit-public_profile

Please feel free to contact me in whatever way if you feel, if there may be an opportunity to collaborate or work on some new sustainable R&D, brainstorm or just shoot the proverbial breeze.

I’m fairly well acquainted with aquatic ecosystems and wetlands. Studied up on Marine systems and the rocky coasts.

I’m passionate about getting into environmental engineering and creating the solutions we think we need in the developing world that will allow it to diversify away from fossil fuels and into a cleaner more bio-diverse space (that’s the dream anyway). Solving social ills along the way if I may be so bold.

I have a few ideas around wetlands and water purification, removing life support systems, like waste water treatment, from the grid. love the Gates Foundation work in highlighting the need to clean water and provide energy with the great press the omniprocessor has been getting.

I’m also on twitter @Raggie86

Lets get together and start innovating and solving for real world solutions! Lets just start talking and see where it goes.


Ive made a new covenant with myself. The worst thing you can do is worry about what is not getting done instead of what you can do. The worst that happens is try try again the next day.

The least happy people i see are those worrying about what is beyond their ability to control. You can’t make people like you, you only offer them the opportunity to take an interest in you from them on its their choice. From then on it’s really up to you to stay liking them and them to like you. Try desperately not to compromise who you are for a them.

I believe what often sparks interest is a glimps of the raw you. To dilute that down is to diminish your draw factor. You can be too wild for some people… but that is really their problem. You can be to quiet for others but this reflects on their ability to listen, not your ability to communicate.

Seek out those adventurers in life that are desperately seeking the same loot and plunder as you. If you seek quiet security, or natural wonder or even wild parties you will find comrades who believe in the same ideals. Not everyone wants the same as everyone else all the time. Be flexible, trust, listen and explore! Only tiny people seek to inflict harm on others. We all just trying to find our way.

Seek to do no harm but when you do apologise. Try and explain. Forgive when you are hurt explain why you were hurt.

I don’t guarantee anyone is listening, but maybe they are.

You are responsible for you, your thoughts and actions. You are limited in these areas only by your creativity. Only by your field of experience so constantly seek to expand these.

Be smart, do your research, be reckless and seek truth and happiness. Dance, sing, sulk and brood. But try all things.

Is Miss World helping?

In this day and age we still need to see women in there swimwear to find them worthy of achievement. They aren’t allowed to enter these competitions unless they subscribe to the organisers opinion on what they should do with their bodies. No tattoos, no “weird” piercings.

So sad.

If for one second you don’t believe we live in male dominated society where women are subject to historical and cultural perceptions of beauty here is a glaring counter-argument.

“Beauty with a purpose” Are you saying this is the primary attribute this woman has? In ten years will she be less than what she is now, for her beauty will have faded (according to the age is bad belief)?

“But Brett shouldn’t you be proud, Miss World is from South Africa!”

Wow really, she was born in closer proximity to me than other people born in other countries. One person from every country can enter? That doesn’t seem fair.

Grrr, this just annoys me, yes women should be allowed to take part in whatever they want and if they subscribe to conservative views on beauty and if that is important to them then great they found a competition to take part in.

I’m just so weary of “competitions” which require you to fit within parameters of beauty, one of the most subjective topics imaginable, that I don’t see this competition helping all women reach an equal footing in society, unless it is held up as a warning.

What are you saying about women with Tattoos? What are you saying about mothers? What are you saying about age?

You may not be trying to say anything, but that silence has been so detrimental in the past. If our argument for the prestige of these events is the same as the argument for war and geopolitics and development i.e.: “that’s they way it has always been done.”

We need to stop and taker a closer look where our priorities are placed and what that means about the kind of people we want to be and the kind of society we want our daughters and sons to grow up in.

As always up for debate, your thoughts?

Does it all boil down to education, or should that be management?

Every argument or discussion I have ever had on how to improve a country the quote that people seem to fixate on is “it all comes back to education”. This is my argument against that statement.

Firstly unless you are in education it completely dis-empowers you, what are you to contribute to your solution? You pass the problem along.

Many people advocate the incorporation of the capital punishment as a deterrent to violent crime, this ethically does not sit well with me. Send a message they say. I find this deeply troubling, in one sentence you say that murder is wrong, but then in the next breath you state that in order to deal with murder you want to legalize certain forms of murder. You want to allow people to pass judgment on life and death, weigh up all the pros and cons of ending someone’s existence, sounds like premeditated murder to me. It is an ethical nightmare. The trends show that those who have experienced violent upbringings are more likely to grow up to perpetuate those same crimes. To me the most obvious mechanism to reduce violent crime is to break this cycle.

You pass the problem along again unless you are the judge or executioner.

Conversely my concluding remarks on those subjects are usually that it all comes down to improving management or effective management. Leadership is so crucial to the correct functioning of any country. Where leaders are dynamic and dedicated I believe that a country can only improve. (barring dictators, there are lines between genius and madness). I believe that my perspective empowers and allows people to take ownership of improving the status quo.

How does it work?

In it’s most base form the challenge is: changing how a huge number of people experience life.

This takes real management (political will and leadership). You need to co-ordinate with the specialists that form the plans, you need to create buy-in to these plans. You need to manage expectations of all involved parties, budgeting, construction, education. All of these cannot be integrated without decent oversight and accountable management.

Throwing money at education has not worked in South Africa, schooling is not education, employers are not hungry for school leavers, they are hungry for hard workers, people that are inspired to better themselves and their situation. People that want to learn more, learn and implement their training. Be it brick laying or advanced mathematics. Keeping these people engaged at work is also about management.

Good management is leadership, setting an example placing boundaries, setting expectations defining the mission plan.

Managers need to be measurable too, they have to set milestones that they need to achieve and they need to be accountable to these goals, just as any CEO is held account to their board. I believe that an improvement in education would be as a result of a better functioning system. Surely where children can read and learn at night because the lights stay on and they are safely tucked away in warm waterproof building the uptake of knowledge increases exponentially!

When people have options other than crime, when they have belongings and people that treat them well they will not be so quick to throw it all away on some terrible short sighted deed. When detention for crime is seen as a way to rehabilitate and reflect on ones transgressions and improve and become a better person.

Better management breeds confidence and investor confidence is essential to job creating and growth in the economy. The rules have to be fair for all and enforced equally. Leadership needs to be accountable to the functioning of the entire system. If the system is in disarray management cannot fix a problem by blaming a past manager. They need to analyse the situation and set out a road map, this plan then needs to be actively nurtured and supported and reported on.

I don’t mean to say that the entire burden rests on the managers shoulders, but if that is where the praise will be lumped then that is where most of the performance must be measured.

The support staff of this vision need to believe they are heading in the right direction, they need to be motivated to power this vision. Before that however, as is true in business, they need to want to work at it. South Africa as an example struggles with active citizenry, it is always easier to sit back and complain but if you want to see an improvement you need to get up and ask how can I help? You need to offer feedback, everyone is accountable to and for their own future.

Self-management guided by examples from your leadership is an essential part of forming a safer, more prosperous society. In the same way as a few individuals can drain the enthusiasm out of any movement, those few individuals that give of their energy and enthusiasm can encourage those around them to do the same propagating energy.

This is part of my contribution I want to start these conversations, not about the “misbehavior” of parliament but about what each and every one of us want out of life. What roads we are prepared to walk together to see everyone to the destination they deserve for the effort they are prepared to put in to raising everyone up.

We are not owed anything from this life a friend recently told me, now I’ve been told this many times before but it sunk in this time. We get what we work for. Relationships, social cohesion, country. We need examples to look up to we need management we need leadership. We have to define what that looks like to us.

If we don’t see what we want held up as leadership then we need to stand up and be that leadership, worst case scenario everyone disagrees with you, you argue and discuss ideas and you all grow. Best case scenario you inspire others to stand up with you, one small voice amplifies and and spreads and you make a contribution.

Study: Obesity May Shorten Life Expectancy by Up to 8 Years

I’m terrified of falling into this, and it is just too easy these days. We have access to so much food, and food of such high energy value that our evolutionary history has not caught up with. We now need to reign in our propensity for over-indulgence as never before.

Obesity is a killer, we need to lead ever more active lifestyles at the same time as sitting for longer periods behind a desk.

We need to reevaluate how we live. I make no secret of the fact that I want to live forever or as long as possible (whether or not I’ll achieve this is still to be fought for). This is the threat that sneaks in under the radar. We have to eat, you can’t defend against it but you do need to monitor it.


A new study has found that obesity can shorten one’s life by almost a decade.

Researchers at McGill University linked obesity with an increased risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes — ailments that dramatically reduce both life expectancy and the number of years spent free of chronic illnesses.

Obesity and extreme obesity can reduce life expectancy by up to eight years and deprive people of as many as 19 years of healthy living, the study published Thursday in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology concludes.

Researchers used data from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to create a model to estimate the risk of disease based on body weight and then examined how excess weight contributed to years of life lost. The model found that the younger someone becomes obese, the more years he or she ultimately loses.

“The pattern is clear,” Dr. Steven Grover, lead…

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