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Your journey to happiness

Are all your happy days behind you, do you find yourself looking back and wishing for those old good times?

Are you merely existing?

If you do not believe the best days of your life are yet to come, you need to start asking yourself what you are doing with your life.

When you have asked yourself that question, you need to make a change. If you are not on the path that you believes leads to happiness, or if you are walking on someone else’s path supporting them on their journey there is something seriously wrong. We can argue about the meaning of happiness, but i believe it is unique to you, only you know what makes you happy.

If you are not heading for a better place you need to get off the road. You need to walk the meadows and forests, climb the mountains that your path skirts around. Lie down, stop. Listen, look around. are you missing the tiny things all around you that you could derive joy from? Are you missing the amazing scenic vistas as you stare at directions written for and by someone else?

If money is a problem, consider it an obstacle to be over come, examine the problem and then make a plan.

You are the only person to blame if your life is any less than what you dream it could be.

I am not any one thing and neither are you.

I just read this article: Which I strongly encourage you to do as well. In short (very short) it is how drones could allow Africa to catch up economically.

It was a fascinating read and very thought provoking, it eventually lead me to the conclusion that I am not really a scientist, there isn’t a category of one thing that I would subscribe to. I am only passionately curious ((not my words)I try to be, I actively feed this side of my character). I feed it with fascination and drive it like the hounds of hell with the fear that I’ll lose touch. I desire to be on the cutting edge, I desire discovery and development. Science.

I often I fail to understand the entire subject but I beg, borrow and steal at random those aspects I do comprehend and reshape them within my world view and tack them on the side of my understanding of “the state of things”. I desire to one day use my collected knowledge for self gain. Business.

I want more than to benefit myself though. I want to build something that others can take part in and use to lift themselves out of poverty. I want to inspire people to better themselves and their assigned station. I don’t believe in charity, not in the sense that it is a on way transaction. It has to be self sustaining. One transaction that inspires many more that seek to uplift and drive culture and learning forward. Philanthropy.

This is not me seeking to display my virtues. I am of the opinion that that little voice inside you constantly crying out for more, that may be your brain braying for stimulation should be listened to, but watched and cultivated. I don’t think we need to be one thing. I want to take part in so many multidisciplinary projects. I want to test my hands and myself on so many levels. Project management.

There is little I can do about a conclusion here. These are hopes and dreams. I hope that I never live up to my own desires, that I will continue to be driven to try more, to invest more of myself to reap more experience. Prophet.

I urge you to do the same. Inspirational.