Mr President, open your eyes.

Dear Mr President,

I live in Johannesburg, without a doubt, a first class African city. Sadly that standard of living is not as high in other parts of the country. Sadder still, it far higher in other areas.

I write to you today imploring you to open your eyes. I am a concerned citizen. I am concerned that the debate around your house has turned into one of “who is guilty for the spending” as apposed to the moral question of whether it is ethical for a man who heads a country where the wealth gap or income inequality is of ever increasing concern. Where our GDP per capita is approximately $ 6000. If it is ethical for that man to live in an approximately $ 25 000 000 house. Bearing in mind that the top ten percent are heavily skewing that $ 6000 average upward, very many earn far less.

Mr President, surely you can see that it is the ethical argument you have already lost. This is your home, a home that was built with tax payers money, rife with spending irregularities. A home built with ill gotten gains. Do you sleep well there, does your conscience not keep you up at night?

You snap at the press for focusing undue attention on the matter, but clearly, they see the moral element that you have failed to observe, you are sleeping in a house that was built with money taken from the people that put your party in office, the house you live in, where you keep your family is a thief. It has taken what does not belong to it and it has taken it from South Africans.

Mr President I ask you to look at Eskom, at our power crisis, for when something negatively affects a stuttering economy to the tune of between 10 and 80 billion Rand per month, I believe that may be the very definition of a crisis. Your municipalities owe millions in payments, money that could have been spent on maintenance, planning or new power installations perhaps? You have delegated this enormous challenge to your second in command, in doing so you have lost the opportunity to show leadership and instill faith in the South African economy. What matter is more pressing than this, what matter more sharply defines your duty?

We have an irregular expenditure figure of R 2.4 billion. Is it then any wonder that you are having such a hard time collecting outstanding e-toll monies, when it is so clear that we have so little control over where or how effectively that money will be spent?

I am concerned Mr President when the head of a democracy starts making off the cuff remarks about: if he was a dictator things would be different. How many African countries have we seen slide back into the grasp of tyranny? Where people lose the fundamental right to determine their own future? These remarks do not help us Mr President, they do not help bring in investment, they do not stir feelings of warmth.

Mr President, let us speak of blame and the placement of it. When you are the leader you are responsible for both the successes and the failings of your team. You cannot just have the one you like and place the failings on others in your team. The key theme here is, responsibility. You decided on who sat in your government. You cannot claim their successes only, their failings are your failings. The blame or credit sits with you. This is an absolute.

It is now reported that you have decided to purchase three new jets at a time when every South African is preparing to tighten their belts again. This time due to new fuel levies as well as proposed increases in residential, electricity and water rates. Are you sure you need three more jets, is this wise? I implore you to open your eyes, I believe all of the yes men in your cabinet have sheltered you from the struggle of the ordinary person. The ordinary South African who is finding it harder and harder to survive in this country where you say we have so many good stories to tell. I’m afraid we haven’t seen too many of them recently.

Mr President it is time to stop relying on the stories of the past and look to writing stories of the future. In looking to the past we can identify our failures, but it means little if we repeat the same mistakes. There are deep tensions regarding our colonial history, what of our ever devaluing currency? There is massive concern at what critical piece of infrastructure will fail next. If it is the water system how many will die before we see leadership from the front, from the top?

These are challenges we need our president to face, to lead us and reassure us through.

Mr President open your eyes, your country needs you! We need you to be the man you told us you were. We need you to be open, honest and accountable. We need sensitivity and understanding, we need a plan for jobs that delivers jobs, we need economic growth and we need you to set targets that we can measure you against. We need a leader and not a politician.

Otherwise you set the scene for the next president who can hide behind Parliament and stall trials forever in court.  I understand that you are a busy man Mr President, that you will probably not read this, but others will. You know what they say Mr President, that an idea is the hardest thing to silence.

The sparks of concern have become embers at the tip of a fuse. I don’t know how long the fuse is, or where it may lead, and I don’t wish to find out. It is my deepest wish to prevent destruction and suffering in this beautiful country. Where do we go from here Mr President? We are all looking to you.


White peoples lies, seems like the ANC is doing most of the lying these days

White peoples lies, seems like the ANC is doing most of the lying these days

Really, grant money is stolen if you vote for the opposition? What do you call it when tax money is used to build a palace? #Nkandlastyle

It can’t get too much more surreal can it? Twilight zone South Africa.

SA bewildered and confused under JZ’s “leadership”

So let me get this straight. SA is for gay rights but will support other contries when they unilaterally remove the most fundamental human right? The right to love the soul you fall in love with, regardless of gender. Just another example of the “President for life” club in Africa stepping up their game to lead ethically and without fear. #sarcasm

Another lovely example being the: “It doesn’t matter if you committed war crimes to get into power, once president you are untouchable” bullshit. It’s no wonder these rulers (because they are not leaders) believe themselves above the law when they keep taking lessons from each other in shitty governance.

Africa has the potential to be truly great, I believe that to my core. I’ve seen the genius and ingenuity of its people making strides despite their current administration. It has to start with accountability and transparency.

Mr President I beg you to step aside and take your corrupt comrades with you. I know there are smart and worthy people in the ANC, people you have steam rolled and sidelined because they spoke truth to your madness. You have proven that power corrupts, you are its poster boy. Please look into your heart, face this runaway gravy train. Think about your legacy, we are all of us mortal we do not endure forever, history will judge you. Future generations will shake their collective heads when they are taught about our young democracy and your stewardship.

I beg you, please, let sanity prevail!

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Didn’t Jacob Zuma say the ANC would rule until Jesus came?

Didn’t Jacob Zuma say the ANC would rule until Jesus came?

Strange that Bheki Cele was mentioned in the document that was produced by the public protector as having failed to stop wasteful spending. Stranger still that he was removed from office due to allegations of corruption. How blind the ANC must think we are. How loyal and thirsty they must believed they have trained us to be, to swallow the constant stream of lies.

I’m just embarrassed really.

These are our rulers.

I hunger for a leader. One that understands responsibility, self service and has a basic understanding of accounting and finance! Also a semi decent moral compass.

We can dream.

How South Africa elected a king instead of a president

I don’t think we, as South Africans’, fully understand democracy. I think we like to believe we are democratic and we have adapted some of its tools, and they are powerful tools. However, I don’t think we live democratic lives. We have taken what we liked, those things that made us feel important like the voting process and forgotten those that seemed like burdens such as responsibility for our actions.

We like the global image of our example as a tolerant and understanding nation. We fall very far short on accountability for our actions, in this area we have a lotsof excuses. The past indeed does have some blame. I do believe that every year that blame has to diminish, as every new generation is born their future cannot be tethered to the past and it’s failings. I wonder if we are truly working as hard as we must to move beyond our haunted evil past.

Nkandla has thrown all of these issues into stark relief. We seem to have managed to elect a king instead of a president.

  • Kings believe they have the divine right to rule, are answerable to none and are above the law. I think we can all draw the parallels to this statement.
  • Presidents, democratically elected presidents, first and foremost uphold the laws of the land, operate within them under the mandate of the people that elected them and are wholly and completely answerable to their nation.

I’ll expand on my thinking here, surely every project that is carried out for a president needs to be conducted in a transparent and open manner? It needs to be the epitome of how this elected official operates. It must be directly overseen by them and they must be one hundred percent answerable to end result.

This is even more to the point when it involves a person’s home, a place where their family will reside. How can these details be handed off to someone else? What kind of a person allows others to make arrangements for their family with no input no oversight?

Every president/party gets elected based on campaign promises, these are areas of specific interest to the people and the president. All of these areas should receive presidential oversight and responsibility they deserve, nothing less should appease the voters.

Kings are unanswerable to their people, carry out their own agendas from behind palace walls and rule by force and intimidation. Handing out favours to those that flatter and dealing harsh punishments to those that dare disagree.

I believe it is time the elected government topple this monarchy they have allowed to be built upon their shoulders. They must offer up a true servant of the people, a person capable of accepting responsibility, a person capable of leading and working with those they may not always agree with for the betterment of all society. For this to happen though we need to be educated about a citizen’s responsibility. That everyone of us is answerable for our decisions. That we must lead our lives and hold ourselves accountable for our actions so that we can ask others to account for theirs.

We need to accept all tenants of democracy not just those we like or those that are easy.

I want South Africa to be great, I believe if we were capable of producing one great man that we are capable of producing others. Great leaders, great thinkers and great healers. In order to achieve this we need to work together, we need to meet those thinkers that appose our ideas and examine each other’s thoughts through dialog and discussion. We need to realise we can disagree and still respect one another.

I want us to take the moral high ground because we deserve it. I want us to lead Africa away from fear and elected kings. I want us to rise! I believe it is our time to do great work to show the world that once united we are unshakable. That those with the loudest voices are not always correct and that will listen to the quietest voices with equal measure and think before we act, and we will indeed act, not out of fear but rather great vision! I want to see that no person is above the law and if someone is accused they will stand trial, be they beggar or “king”.